Life Coach Kent

If you want to achieve more and you’d like some reliable advice and coaching from someone who has created his own success in life and business through adversity then you have come to the right place.

Since writing my book I have been doing a great deal of coaching and speaking at seminars all over the world, but because I spend a lot of time in Kent and the south east and it’s where I’m based when I’m in the UK I decided to setup a proper coaching programme here. However I do a lot of my coaching via telephone or Skype sessions with clients all over the UK and internationally, so I can still help if you’re not based in Kent or your time is limited.

My book How To Be Lucky is my story of being a homeless teen and transforming my life to become a successful entrepreneur. It also contains some advice and ideas for readers to follow which led to people asking me for specific advice and coaching. This coaching has now grown and fills a large part of my time which I enjoy and it’s a privilege to help people achieve new goals.

How Does It Work?

I help people achieve a range of goals from personal to professional:

  • Career development; make more money or a career that make you happier
  • Increase motivation
  • Create a better work life balance
  • Take steps to change your life for the better, personally or professionally
  • Starting a business and entrepreneurial advice
  • Improve an existing business or venture
  • Build confidence and self esteem
  • Overcome debt problems
  • How to beat fear or anxiety

By looking from the outside I can help you see the wood for the trees, so you can take a different perspective. I can help you set some clear targets and define what you really want to achieve. I can then help with effective strategies and steps you can take to make your goals into reality. I have a no-nonsense approach designed to get clear and definitive results.

If you would like a free no obligation consultation fill out the form below and I will contact you. Unfortuntaley because of the huge amount of sales calls I was getting I had to remove the phone number on here but if you make contact using this form I will be in touach ASAP.