About Matt

mttnblDespite being homeless as a teenager I managed to turn my life around by applying certain strategies and techniques to get what I needed or wanted. Despite not having any qualifications I had a very successful career in IT, working in London and in the U.S. for large blue chip companies.

After a while I felt I wasn’t getting the most out of life and working too much so I made the crazy decision to start my own business. I recently heard someone say that starting a business to give yourself more free time is like deciding to have a baby to provide more free time. It’s one of those things you don’t always realise how hard and time consuming it will be until you try it.

After some failures I found great success in business too but my biggest achievement was finding the way to live my life the way I wanted to whilst balancing business, work, relationships, family, fun and travel. From day one in my career I was looking for the freedom to live my life on my terms; to love my work and have time and money to do what I liked. It took a certain amount of time through trial and error but I got to where I wanted to be and now I enjoy helping others take shortcuts by benefiting from what I learned.

Vyard2Three years ago I bought a vineyard and decided to spend more time there, during the winter I realised not a lot goes on so I spent that first winter walking my dogs and writing my book. Since then my life has changed dramatically and become more rewarding than I could imagine by helping other people find the freedom, success and happiness that I enjoy.

I grew up in Kent and still spend a lot of time here so it made sense to me to start actively promoting myself as a life coach in Kent. However your location is not important and I coach people from all over the world. So if you are not in Kent but interested in coaching from me then don’t hesitate to get in touch because I can help you no matter where you are. I do a lot of my coaching via Skype, phone and email.

Contact forms submitted from our contact page on this Life Coach Kent site all come directly to me so don’t hesitate to drop me message or call the number at the top of the page..