Why do I need a life coach?
Coaching can help you see things from a different perspective and provide you with a mentor to guide you through changes and your path to achieving your goals. A coach can also help motivate and encourage you when you need help to continue. It helps to have a coach or mentor that has practical experience of the life changes or business aspirations you have. My philosophies are around “work to live, not live to work”, creating wealth and freedom so you can enjoy your life.

Why choose Matt as your coach?
I provide a no-nonsense supportive approach and I mentor my clients using my own experience. I am not a theorist or just relaying what I learned from others, like some life coaches. I put my own strategies into practice 15 years ago and carved out a successful career without qualifications and worked at top companies like Goldman Sachs and CitiBank before going on to start by own businesses. I created a great life for myself through financial freedom and a work life balance that means I have more life and less work. Now I like to share those those strategies with others.

How long does it take, when will I see results?
My clients usually see results very quickly and an average amount of sessions is 5 but it does depend on your circumstances and what you need help with.

How much does it cost?
Fees depend on what your requirements are and method of communication. Some coaches take many sessions and a long time to get any results (if at all). I aim to get results quickly and give you a measurable benefit far greater than the cost of my fees. My fees start at £45 per session.

Where can I buy Matt’s book?
Click here to buy my book on Amazon