DGs2Dave Greaves – “Thanks for the motivation and being accessible whenever I wanted to talk to you, I think that is great. I am the kind of person that is motivated by other people’s achievements, you definitely got me moving. I broke away from the daily grind, in charge of myself again and it feels good. Just deciding what jobs I’m doing and when is priceless, if the kids need me for something, I’m there.”

MHMatt Hull – “I highly recommend Matt’s coaching; his style is second to none. I am on my way to achieving my goals and I am confident that I am going the right direction in life now. Patient, committed and knowledgeable are three words I would use to describe Matt, try it out! you won’t regret it!”


Jayne Carmichael Norrie – “After having a couple of chats with Matt where he was very generous with his time and sharing of his knowledge, I asked him to help me to improve my focus and develop my business with some coaching. He is worth every penny! Matt is a nice, down-to-earth guy, not the type to overwhelm or bamboozle you with concepts you don’t understand or set goals that are unrealistic. Every time we talked he clearly had been researching and thinking about my business and ways to improve it without having a large budget. Like the very best business people, he sees things clearly, is focused on the bottom line and instinctively knows what will help your profitability and your motivation by talking things through with you.”

BTr1Brian Taylor – “I have recently worked with Matt on a tourism project and I can highly recommend his coaching and training methods. Matt will help you analyse your goals and come up with a clear path for you to achieve your ambitions. The path is set out for you in a staged progression and he will encourage you to meet your targets. You will establish a time frame and targets that works for you, what to expect and the best way to achieve your aims. Working with Matt was a pleasure and he will mirror your passion for the project. Matt Kinsella is not just a lifestyle coach but also an entrepreneurial and business coach.