What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching means different things to different people and it might conjure images of a wishy-washy, airy fairy, hippy, ineffective industry but that’s not me at all and these are some of the reasons why I wanted to get involved in coaching so I could dispel some myths.

I am not about auras, star signs, hypnosis or reprogramming your brain. I won’t look at your past lives, contact dead spirits or teach you secrets about how to wish for things. What I will do is help you take real and positive steps forward by making specific and calculated actions to improve your life, career, business and relationships.

I have learned from experience that you can have all the well-meaning people around you that you can find but good intentions do not equal action or improvement. I only made big leaps forward in my life when I had mentors that had experience plus the will to encourage me and push me in the right direction.

In today’s society it’s very easy to lose sight of who we are, what we really want out of life and what makes us happy. It’s also easy to get so wrapped up in the day-to-day grind that we find it difficult to move forward professionally and financially. I know all of this from experience. Sixteen years ago I was homeless, ten years ago I had a successful career at blue chip companies but I didn’t have any freedom, five years ago I had several successful businesses but I’d lost sight of what I wanted in the rest of my life. Today I share my time between my vineyard, family, two businesses and coaching, I have found my own perfect combination.

My varied background enables me to give straightforward practical advice and support to my clients. If You’d like to know exactly what kind of life coach I am and what I could do for you contact me for a free chat.

Starting a New Business

bsnessmnIf you are looking for advice on starting a new business you may have already found the usual information from banks, accountants and the tax man but starting a business is more than filling in forms, opening a new bank account and worrying about tax.

Usually you have more important questions that you want reliable answers to:

  • Where am I going to find new customers?
  • How can I find financing and investment?
  • Will I make enough money?
  • How long will it take to make enough money?
  • Where can I sell my products or services?
  • How can I advertise or market my new business?
  • Can I run my business from home or will I need an office/shop/warehouse?

When I started my first business I exhausted all the avenues and offers of business advice from bank managers and accountants to friends and relatives but I eventually realised that none of them had personally achieved what I wanted to do and many admitted they could only provide ideas, no solid advice based on experience.

It was only when I managed to get a couple of excellent business mentors that had a track record in the things I needed help with, I finally managed to make rapid progress. The easiest way to take short cuts and get to where you want to be in business ASAP is to get answers from people who have done it. Not just a person in business that has done it once but many times with different industries and different size companies, large and small.

Fast forward 12 years and now I help other people get new businesses started and answer the questions that really matter. I feel very passionately about helping others in business because it’s the best way I found to get wealth and freedom in life. Many of the answers I provide are simple and easy to follow, I often get told; “Why didn’t I think of that?”. It’s easy when you know how and real business experience counts for a lot.

If you would like some advice on starting a new business, get in touch and I’d be happy to help. Use the Life Coach Kent Contact Form or use the phone number above.