Building Confidence and Self Esteem

cnfdncIn the UK we tend to think people who are confident or ambitious are cocky or arrogant so often people hold back in the fear of being knocked back down again by those around them. Confidence and arrogance are not the same thing and it’s OK to have confidence in yourself.

Maybe you never had a lot of confidence or you did in the past but somebody took it from you by holding you back or events beyond your control made you doubt yourself. It can be hard to pick yourself up from these problems but it can be done.

Events in my past meant that I found myself homeless as a very young man and it was quite a fight to pick myself up and build a new life for myself. Situations that have arisen since then made me doubt myself too but simple strategies and techniques I developed helped me get through those times and succeed regardless of those events or what other people said.

This Life Coach Kent site is about helping people and one of the most important things I help people with is conquering fear and helping to build confidence. It’s hard to get motivated or make life changing decisions if you have low confidence or no self esteem so if you would like help with getting faith back in yourself and the courage to improve your life, drop me a line, I would be glad to help. Use the form on the Contact Page to get in touch and I will call you as soon as I can.